PS3 Outsells All Home Consoles in Japan

PS3 Outsells All Home Consoles in Japan

The PS3 has sold more units than all other home consoles in Japan for the week ending Nov 2. The system’s huge turnaround in the hardware sales follows earlier news that the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto 4 has risen to the top of the software charts.  

The PS3 was the third best selling console altogether, with both the DSi and PSP systems selling around 171,000 and 50,000 units respectively. The figures plainly show that the DSi has enjoyed an immensely popular launch in Japan, and has sunk DS Lite sales down to 16,369. This goes some way in suggesting that the Japanese market are happy to upgrade their DS. 

The PSP still yielded positive sales in the face of the DSi launch, yet the PS3 wasn’t too far off from Sony’s popular handheld either. This week the console moved 39,587 units; a striking sales increase of over 900% from last week. In fact, the figures show that the PS3 has outsold all three other TV consoles combined. The Wii (23,123), Xbox 360 (6,119) and PS2 (6,714) all took a slight drop in sales. 

The contemporaneous release of LittleBigPlanet and GTAIV explains the two biggest reasons for the PS3’s renewed success, and it suggests Japan is happy to spend high if the product is persuasive enough. Above all else, however, it reaffirms the importance of acclaimed software; something the PS3 has been criticised of not hosting enough of. Famitsu had scored GTA IV a near-perfect 39/40 and gave LittleBigPlanet 38. 

Detailed numbers from Media Create:
DSi: 171,925
PSP: 50,358
PS3: 39,587
Wii: 23,123
DS Lite: 16,369
PS2: 6,714

360: 6,119