PS4 coming ‘holiday 2013′

Dualshock 4-1


Sony’s final flourish at tonight’s PlayStation Meeting was the confirmation that PS4 would be launched ‘holiday 2013’.

After a packed showcase which included confirmation of the next PlayStation controller, details on PS4’s spec, streaming and network features and a flurry of game announcements, Sony finished with the message: ‘PS4 coming holiday 2013’

Though there were plenty of announcements, a final box wasn’t shown. There was, however, confirmation of Killzone Shadow Fall, Evolution Studios’ DriveClub, a cross-gen PS3 and PS4 release for Diablo III and Destiny, a new title from Capcom called Deep Down, Infamous: Second Son and a new Final Fantasy game from Square. Watch Dogs was also confirmed as a PS4 launch title. The Witness, the new title from Braid auteur Jonathan Blow, will be a PS4 exclusive during the launch window.

We’ve rounded up every new PS4 game here. You can also see the new Dualshock 4 controller and PlayStation 4 Eye here, and find out more about PS4’s spec, sharing and network capabilities here.

We’ve also since discovered that the cloud features talked about at PlayStation Meeting were ‘aspirational’ rather than day one, that PS4 won’t support existing Dualshock 3 pads, and that you won’t be able to transfer your PSN purchases to the new console.

You can watch Sony’s own overview of its PlayStation Meeting below.