PS4: all the games


During tonight’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony delivered a confident presentation of its vision for the next generation of console gaming, and it was back by a strong line-up of games.

Guerilla’s Killzone Shadow Fall ensured there was plenty of next-gen graphical showboating on hand as the live demo threw huge environments and plenty of particle effects about the screen.

MotorStorm creator Evolution Studio’s DriveClub, meanwhile, will focus on the experience of owning supercars, while building on Test Drive Unlimited’s social aspects.

Capcom revealed a new engine built for the PS4, showing off new IP with the working title of Deep Down. How the game will play is as yet unclear, but it has a medieval setting.

Infamous: Second Son is another PS4 exclusive, but details were again scarce. Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox, however, revealed that the game will centre on the Big Brother society that so much surveillance is bringing about.

Square confirmed that it would be bringing a new Final Fantasy game to the console, but no details were shared, while Blizzard made the more surprising announcement that Diablo III would grace Sony’s hardware: both PS3 and PS4.

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness will be PS4 exclusive for the launch window, and Bungie’s Destiny will offer exclusive content for PlayStation owners.

Japan Studio, meanwhile, is working on a new game called Knack. Helmed by Mark Cerny, the game pits humanity against goblins, aided by the titular robot that can change shape and take on new properties.

Ubisoft later confirmed that Watch Dogs would be a PS4 launch title, though it will also be released on 360, PC and Wii U. Media Molecule also took the stage at PlayStation Meeting – not to announce a game as such, but it did showcase some intriguing 3D sculpturing software and virtual puppetry through its newfound love for Move, promoting the notion that PS4 is ‘the creative console’.

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