PS4’s proposed cloud features are ‘aspirational’, not day one


The streaming and cloud functionality that Gaikai boss David Perry described at PlayStation Meeting were “aspirational” rather than confirmed day one PS4 features, says SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton.

David Perry’s section of PlayStation Meeting was arguably the most intriguing part of the PS4 reveal. It promised, among other things, Remote Play through Vita, one-button ‘try it now’ instant demos, the ability to play games as you download them, access to back catalogue titles and a host of social sharing features.

When asked by Forbes about PS4’s cloud and streaming capabilities, Tretton said: “I think it’s aspirational on the device, as opposed to us standing up there, pounding the floor and saying the day this thing ships all this stuff will be there.”

“I think it’ll absolutely be there for the device, but I don’t know whether it will be there for day one on the device. I think a lot of these are things that we’re gonna do over time. And with that said, I think there will be a tangible example of all the things that we showed. It’s just a question of how deep it will go, how many games it will involve.”