PS4’s streaming tech: Dave Perry reveals all


Wii U-style functionality for Vita; social functionality baked into the PS4 network experience.

New spectating tools, UStream and Facebook support plus remote play through PlayStation Vita will all be possible on PlayStation 4, Dave Perry has revealed.

“Try it for free, share it if you like it and pay for it if you want it” will be the ethos with the next PlayStation Network, as Sony intends to make your PSN friends a more integral part of its platform.

Perry said that users will be able to jump into games and try them out in an instant, friends will be able to “look over your shoulder virtually” with new spectator tools and added that Vita is being reworked as “the ultimate companion device for PS4,” through Remote Play. Eventually, Perry added, the goal is to stream PlayStation games on any device.

Perry’s slice of PlayStation Meeting comes after the confirmation that the new console will indeed be called PlayStation 4, and the reveal of the PS4 controller.