"View It Then Do It" with History Channel Deal

"View It Then Do It" with History Channel Deal

The History Channel and Kuma Games are getting together again for a “view it, then do it” exercise in cross-media entertainment.

As The History Channel prepares to launch the second season of the aerial combat series “Dogfights,” Kuma Games said that it will be releasing online games that will let users “re-live” historical battles in conjunction with the TV show.

Kuma’s recreations will be first-person shooter/flight simulation affairs based on a modified version of Valve’s Source engine, which was used for Half-Life 2.

Fighter planes such as the Hellcat and Zero will be featured. The TV show begins July 13.

Last October, Kuma and The History Channel announced a similar deal with the “Shootout” TV series. That effort attracted over a million gamers who played over 16 million “game-isodes,” as Kuma calls them.

"We are at the cutting edge of an entertainment revolution," says Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Reality Games in a statement.  "For the TV fan who wants more, we provide a free, high-quality, fully-immersive game experience that corresponds to the TV episode you just saw.