Raptr Raises $15m, Hits 6m Users

Raptr Raises $15m, Hits 6m Users

Raptr Raises $15m, Hits 6m Users

“Fastest-growing social network for gamers” reaches six million users in just over two years.

Social gaming network Raptr has confirmed that it has secured a further $15m in financing and its userbase has grown to six million users.

The firm revealed the news in a post on its blog. Funding has come from DAG Ventures, Tenaya Capital and Accel Partners.

Raptr is a social networking service for gamers, enabling users to track their friends, games and achievements across a variety of platforms including Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Facebook and Twitter functionality allows automatic updates of the game a user is playing, and an iOS app and desktop client enable sending of messages to friends.

“With this money and growth, we hope to bring even more features to gamers,” the company said on its blog. “We are only just getting started. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our community.”

Raptr was founded in 2007 by X-Fire co-founder Dennis Fong, launching in September 2008. The firm has published an infographic on its website showing that users have unlocked over 152 million achievements since the service’s launch.