Realtime Worlds staff form new studio

Realtime Worlds staff form new studio

Former staff at Dundee developer Realtime Worlds have set up a new studio, eeGeo – and their first release will be Project Myworld, the ambitious social game Realtime was working on before its closure last year.

Develop reports that eeGeo is the new name for Kimble Operations, the firm which made headlines last September. Formed by three former directors of Realtime Worlds – Ian Hetherington, Patrick Chung and Harry Weller – it was reported to have acquired the rights to Myworld, with 20 former Realtime staff at work on the project.

Kimble paid £1.13 million for the Myworld rights, just short of the £1.26 million GamersFirst paid for the rights to troubled Realtime Worlds MMOG APB, and is to officially unveil the game in the coming weeks.

The game is described as "a unique idea crossing social media, social gaming and traditional gaming," tasking players with constructing and editing famous cities, playing various games within them. The studio is working on several other mobile and social projects, and is actively hiring.

Realtime Worlds closed its doors last September after administrators failed to find a buyer for the APB rights. GamersFirst acquired the rights in November, and is to joined GamersFirst in an advisory role earlier this month.

Source: Develop