Rebellion Buys Core’s Core

Rebellion Buys Core's Core

Rebellion Buys Core's Core

Developer Rebellion has confirmed the long-expected purchase of Core Design’s assets from Eidos.

Rebellion has picked up fellow UK dev's staff and assets.  "Core is one of the industry’s major success stories and we’re delighted to have completed the deal," said CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley, "With next-generation development upon us now, and publisher requirements changing, this studio’s deep and experienced talent allows us to continue to complete at a global level."

Rebellion's most recent game was Eidos' Rogue Trooper, and the firm is working on another title for the Brit publisher. It is also releasing  Miami Vice (VU Games) later this year.

Rumors are rife in the UK that Rebellion is looking at publishing as an option, possibly making a swoop for minor UK publisher Empire.