Rebellion Sets Up Social Games Division

Rebellion Sets Up Social Games Division

UK developer Rebellion has formed a dedicated social gaming division.

The Oxford-based studio says the move was prompted by the launch last year of Evil Genius for Facebook. While far from a runaway success – it currently has less than 3,000 monthly active users according to AppData – it evidently sees enough potential in social games to justify a dedicated business unit.

Jason Kingsley, CEO, said: “The release of Evil Genius has given us an appetite to look at other opportunities in the area. One thing that has become increasingly apparent over the last few years is that gamers can’t be defined as just people who own consoles – people who use social media like Facebook or use smart phones all play games and this is an exciting new opportunity that we want to explore.”

That a UK studio with some 20 years of experience – most recently developing Aliens Vs Predator, Sega’s fastest-selling game of 2010 – should officially court the ever-growing social gaming audience speaks volumes of how much the industry is changing.

Rebellion says it will continue to release traditional, boxed games, and is currently at work on action title NeverDead for Konami, announced at E3 last year.

Source: Rebellion