Red Octane Founders Stick With Activision

Red Octane Founders Stick With Activision

Red Octane founders Kai and Charles Huang will not leave parent company Activision, the publisher has confirmed.

Activision confirmed last week that it will close Red Octane as part of a strategy to release fewer Guitar Hero titles in 2010.

In a statement Activision explained, “As part of our overall strategy to release fewer skus for Guitar Hero in 2010 we are closing the Underground studios and relocating Red Octane to our Santa Monica headquarters under the leadership of David Haddad."

Develop reports that with Red Octane’s closure both the Huang brothers had considered leaving. Maryanne Lataif, Activision’s vice president of corporate communications, has since denied the suggestions, confirming that both Kai and Charles Huang will remain at Activision.

Founded in 1999 by brothers Kai and Charles Huang, the group helped bring the music game genre to the masses.

Activision bought the developer seven years later in a deal said to be worth $100 million.