RedLynx issues fix for skewed Trials Evolution track listings

RedLynx has issued a fix for the Trials Evolution's Track Central user-created track and level listings which, up until now, saw popular courses disappearing from rankings.

Popular tracks were being pushed down the rankings by newer ones with just one or two five-star ratings.

"We have worked closely with Microsoft to employ a Track Central fix addressing an issue affecting user-rating balance for Player-created tracks," RedLynx explained on its forum. 

"Now the rating scheme better takes into account the number of votes given and therefore those tracks with lots of excellent ratings given will appear higher than those with only a few. We’ll continue to work on this and other issues."

The other issues to which the statement refers include exploits discovered in the skill games, improper recording of results on the multiplayer leaderboard and ongoing problems arising from the day one single-player leaderboard server crash, which buckled under the weight of 100,000 posted times in the first 24 hours.

RedLynx is currently working on fixes for all known issues.