Report: China Afflicted by “Unhealthy” Online Games

Report: China Afflicted by "Unhealthy" Online Games

Around 4 million Chinese teens have fallen under the spell of “unhealthy” online gaming and Internet habits, reports the AFP, citing state-run media reports.

The Beijing Times said about 10 percent of China’s web users under the age of 18 are “Internet addicted teenagers.”

A government committee is demanding restrictions on Internet games to filter out “illegal or inappropriate” content, the report said. It’s also asking for technological measures that would automatically log players off after a certain amount of time.

“Unhealthy” games, as categorized by the Chinese government, aren’t necessarily ones that cause physical ailments. This is the label the government gives games that are too violent, pornographic or unpatriotic.

China’s gaming scene is known for its Internet cafes, where gamers convene to play online games.

The Chinese online gaming market is burgeoning, according to a recent report, with Chinese online game operators generating $637 million (£349.9m) during Q2 2008, up 66 percent year-on-year.