Report: Cloud Saving Coming With PS3 3.60 Firmware

Report: Cloud Saving Coming With PS3 3.60 Firmware

Next major firmware update will allow PlayStation Plus subscribers to store game saves remotely.

Sony is to introduce cloud-based game saves when it releases its next big PlayStation 3 firmware update, according to reports.

Sources have told Kotaku that Sony informed developers last week that it would be introducing the feature, allowing save games to be stored on a remote server, with firmware 3.60. However the feature, which Sony is calling Online Saving, will only be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The move is a logical one after Valve’s announcement earlier this month that the PS3 version of Portal 2 would support cloud-based saving. With the technology obviously there, Sony were bound to leverage it in some way and if it can further stimulate subscription takeup for its paid-for online service then so much the better.

No release date for the firmware update was revealed, but with system software 3.56 only released late last week – stopping hackers in their tracks and seeing a host of players banned from playing Black Ops online for cheating – it may be a while yet.