Report: Dead Space Banned in Multiple Territories

Report: Dead Space Banned in Multiple Territories

Dead Space community manager Andrew Green has told Destructoid that the game has been banned in Germany [see update below], Japan, and China.

In Dead Space, players assume the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, an ordinary man forced to use “strategic dismemberment” as a means of tackling a vicious alien infestation aboard a deep space mining ship.

We’ve contacted EA to confirm the report, and asked whether it’s considering making cuts to the title in order to secure a release in the territories in question.

In related news, Dead Space’s US release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has reportedly been brought forward from October 24 to October 14, while the PC version will ship on October 20. It’s currently due out in the UK on October 24.

You can check out our latest preview of the game here.

[UPDATE] German reports are claiming that it’s still undecided whether or not the game will be banned in the country. We’re in contact with EA headquarters to find out for certain.