Report: Game Republic closed

Report: Game Republic closed

Japanese developer Game Republic is believed to have closed its doors after eight years in the business.

The studio, known for the PS3 exclusive Genji: Days Of The Blade and last year's Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom, has vacated its Tokyo offices, and its official website has been offline for some time. It is our understanding that the studio had been operating with a skeleton staff since at least October of last year, while staff known to have worked at the developer have been popping up at other companies.

While the studio's closure has not been confirmed, gaming blog Kotaku, in a translation of a G-Dash report, points to rumours that the studio – and its founder Yoshiki Okamoto – had run up significant debts, with Okamoto even alleged to have skipped the country. Kotaku disputes this, saying he is still in Japan, but we can confirm that he is, at the very least, proving hard to track down.

Okamoto founded Game Republic in 2003 after a successful stint at Capcom, where he was a producer on Street Fighter II. Prior to that he was at Konami, where he devised Time Pilot and Gyruss.

Source: Kotaku