Report: GTA V Codenamed “Rush”

Report: GTA V Codenamed "Rush"

Report: GTA V Codenamed "Rush"

A list of online casting calls for an “interactive project” indicate that the next game in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series is currently codenamed Rush.

Twitter sleuth Superannuation tracked down an online casting call from Telsey and Company, which has apparently worked with Rockstar in the past.

The listing contains brief descriptions of the roles the agency is looking to fill, all of which sound like GTA characters. Clyde, 23, is described as “very naive, but in a creepy it’s-only-incest sort of way”; Brother Adam is a “Welsh monk / cult leader / yoga teacher, 50, into exploring your personal tension through gripping massage.”

Kevin Da Silva, 18, is a “fat, FPS game playing son. Smokes a lot of weed, has anxiety issues…into making racist comments while playing online.”

If you still need convincing, the online resumé of actress Shandar Robinson mentions her playing the role of “Inner city female street” in a project called Rush for Take-Two Games.

Analysts have previously said they expect a GTA V announcement from Rockstar this year, due to the expiration of Take-Two’s contract with senior Rockstar staff.