Report: PlayStation Plus to go multi-tier

A customer survey conducted by Sony suggests the company is considering splitting the PlayStation Plus service into multiple tiers.

The survey, completed by an IGN reader, presents a range of possible PlayStation Plus plans and asks the customer to choose the one that appeals the most.It then applies further tweaks in a bid to home in on the user's ideal Plus package.

The most eye-catching options include free membership of the Call Of Duty: Elite subscription service, and day-one access to new releases. The survey also asks users to specify how frequently they would like new content to be made available; currently the service only updates once per month, though Plus-exclusive discounts are announced more frequently.

It's an interesting idea, and one we're prepared to believe the company is giving serious consideration to given its stated intent, announced alongside 10,000 Sony layoffs last month, to "enrich its catalogue of downloadable games and subscription services available through the PSN platform."

With sources claiming Microsoft is to unveil a $99 Xbox 360, subsidised by a two-year subscription costing $15 a month, and Valve saying it will not be making any product announcements at E3, it looks like the biggest event in the gaming calendar is going to be as much about services as it is software and hardware.