Report: save files behind problems with PS3 Skyrim

Large save files are reportedly causing game-breaking framerate drops in the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

News of stuttering framerates affecting the PS3 version of the game first broke earlier this week, and it now appears the problem only begins once game saves top 5MB in size.

Official PlayStation Magazine sought comment from Bethesda, who said: "All we can reiterate at this stage is what Pete Hines has said on his Twitter feed."

Hines, VP of PR and marketing, told players earlier this week to "calm down" and be patient while Bethesda worked on patches for all platforms. On Xbox 360, there are texture scaling issues, while PC players are experiencing freezes of several seconds during outdoor sections.

Bethesda announced that it had shipped seven million copies of Skyrim to retailers in its first week on sale, with more than half of that figure sold in the first 48 hours.