Report: Seaman coming to 3DS


Yoot Saito's Dreamcast pet sim Seaman is headed to 3DS, according to reports.

Andriasang brings word from Japan's Nikkei, which in a feature claims Nintendo is looking to revive games from thirdparty publishers' back catalogue for 3DS, giving Seaman as an example.

Released in 1999, Seaman tasked players with raising the titular species using the Dreamcast's microphone, with minimal guidance except for sparse narration by Leonard Nimoy.

Saito is currently at work on Level 5's 3DS collection Guild 01, which also features games from Suda 51 and Vagrant Story designer Yasumi Matsuno. Saito's game is called Air Porter, which casts players as "the man in charge at the airport [who] must expediently manage baggage."