Report: Sony shutting Zipper Interactive


Sony is reportedly set to close firstparty developer Zipper Interactive, maker of the long-running Socom series.

Kotaku sources claim the company recently had a project cancelled and is currently being hit with wide scale layoffs that appear to indicate a studio shutdown.

Sony Computer Entertainment acquired Redmond, Washington-based Zipper in January 2006, by which time the firm had already been a PlayStation exclusive developer for four years.

Its tactical thirdperson shooter series Socom enjoyed particular success on PS2 and PSP. The most recent entry in the franchise, Socom 4, which placed a heavy emphasis on online play, launched right in the middle of last year’s lengthy PlayStation Network downtime.

Zipper also developed ambitious but flawed PS3 shooter MAG, and most recently Vita title Unit 13. Contacted for comment on the status of the studio, Sony is said to have repeatedly declined to discuss what it terms rumour and speculation.