Report: Wii HD “Set for 2011″

Report: Wii HD  "Set for 2011"

Report: Wii HD  "Set for 2011"

Citing "multiple sources in the game industry" veteran games journalist John Davison has filed a report on a new Wii, set to launch in 2011.

Posted at WhatTheyPlay, the story says that Nintendo is currently "showing early presentations of its next home console hardware" . It’s going under the name Wii HD, suggesting a significant graphical overhaul.

Davison admits details are sketchy but says his sources are pointing towards "a greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content". Nintendo will once again focus on innovating the console’s controller.

Davison, who is extremely well connected and respected in the game industry, points towards surging R&D costs at Nintendo as supporting evidence of his story.