Report: Wii Sells 35K in First Month in Korea

Report: Wii Sells 35K in First Month in Korea

Nintendo sold seven out of ten Wii units released in Korea during the system’s first month on the market, according to reports.

Gameshot reports that Nintendo released 50,000 Wii units during its first month on sale in Korea, 35,000 of which were snapped up. Punters also reportedly bought 30,000 copies of Wii Sports, while Swing Golf Pangya and Zack & Wiki each sold about 8,000 copies. FIFA sold 2,000 copies.


The Wii launched in Korea on April 26, 2008, almost a year and a half after the system was first released. It retails for 220,000 Korean won.


Nintendo has previously expressed concerns about profitability in Korea due to widespread piracy in the country, which has increased since the platform holder’s handheld DS system was launched domestically in January 2007.


Translation credit: Kotaku