Report: Yoshi, Ace Attorney and more set for 3DS

Report: Yoshi, Ace Attorney and more set for 3DS

Report: Yoshi, Ace Attorney and more set for 3DS

Nintendo is to unveil a host of new 3DS games at its pre-Tokyo Game Show event next week, according to reports.

Japanese blog Hachimaki, translated by Gematsu, claims that a side-scrolling game starring Yoshi, developed by Kirby's Epic Yarn studio Good-Feel, is on the way. A fifth Ace Attorney game featuring Miles Edgeworth will also be announced.

Also set for a reveal next week is a new game from Nintendo's internal WarioWare studio, and a new Etrian Odyssey title from Atlus. Singing synthesiser Hatsune Miku, a new project from Umineko developer Alchemist, God Eater from Namco, and Grasshopper's The Silver Case – originally a DS title – will also be announced for 3DS.

Nintendo is also to announced Baten Kaitos: Silence Of A Mechanised Son and Mach Rider Unchained. The report also claims that Monster Hunter 3G – confirmed overnight by Famitsu – will support online play.

The platform holder will also detail improvements to the 3DS download store eShop, which will begin offering demos of 3DS games starting with Super Mario 3D Land. A release date for The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords – confirmed at E3 to be a free download – will also be revealed.

The reports originate from 4Chan and 2Chan, and as such are to be taken with a hefty grain of salt. However, with the claim of a new Monster Hunter already confirmed, there is some truth at least in the rumours.

Nintendo's pre-TGS conference is set for September 13. In addition to Monster Hunter 3G – an expanded version of Wii title Monster Hunter Tri - Famitsu has revealed the Expansion Slide Pad, a bulky attachment which adds a second circle pad and set of trigger buttons to 3DS.

Source: Gematsu