Report: Zynga keen on Draw Something dev

Zynga is one of a number of firms keen on an acquisition of Draw Something developer OMGPOP, according to reports.

TechCrunch reports that Zynga is already in talks to buy the New York-based developer of what is now the most popular game on Facebook with 12.2 million daily active users, and has been downloaded 30 million times on mobile devices.

Talks are yet to reach an advanced stage because Japanese firms, including Gree, are also interested. The site speculates that any deal would cost between $150 million and $250 million, given that OMGPOP has raised around $17 million to date. Business Insider goes a step further, claiming Zynga has offered $150 million, but that is considered too low because "everyone is making a move" on the studio, a source claimed.

This is, of course, very much Zynga's MO: when a small studio succeeds it either buys it or builds a strikingly similar game of its own. The company tried to buy three-man indie studio Nimblebit after Tiny Tower's success on iPhone, and when that failed, it produced the strikingly similar Dream Heights.

But when an acquisition succeeds, Zynga tends to deliver. It bought Newtoy, developer of Words With Friends, for $53.3 million, launched it on Facebook and doubled the game's DAU count within 120 days.