Retailers open to sharing pre-owned revenue


Several UK retailers have said they would be prepared to share revenue from sales of second-hand games with publishers.

Speaking to MCV, a number of stores said they would be prepared to pass on a cut of their lucrative pre-owned business if publishers were to cut them some slack in return, either by reducing trade prices or doing away with online passes.

"We all know the business model in the industry is changing," said HMV in a statement. "So if there is any merit in this idea then it may be worth looking into."

Surrey-based indie Gamepod said: "As a retail store we would happily share part of the sale from a used game if we get something in return. Perhaps new games at better prices and no more online codes."

Cheshire independent Bits And Pieces added: "If you want to stop these one-time codes then yeah, fair enough, we'll share revenues. If publishers gave me a better deal, then maybe. The publishers are not the poor man here."

Chris Muckell from Dover-based Xpress Games was sceptical about whether publishers would even be interested in such a deal. "We'd definitely like to do this, but I don't see it being something publishers would implement," he said.

"With new releases dropping in price after just the second week, I'd have thought their investments would be better made in making money from DLC."