Rice Digital: a new portal to promote and sell Japanese indie games

Rice Digital

Rice Digital

Rice Digital, a new website dedicated to the promotion and sale of Japanese indie, or ‘doujin’ games, has launched today, with an initial, fully localised library of eight games.

The website is the brainchild of localisation specialist Zen United and publisher PQube. In addition to selling games, Rice Digital will also report on news from the Japanese indie scene as it seeks to set straight some common misconceptions.

Geraint Evans, director of Zen United, said: “The Japanese indie game scene is one of the most misunderstood in gaming – with a belief that it’s either non-existent, or focused predominantly on adult content.

“The Japanese doujin scene is thriving and is a hotbed of quality titles. Our aim is to highlight what’s out there and to create an entertaining and informative gateway to make these great games more accessible.”

It’s a fine idea, and one that’s evidently necessary given Steam’s (entirely understandable) largely western focus. There’s a good spread of genres in that launch lineup too, with fighting games, bullet-hell shooters, platformers and, of course, a high-school drama in which you have to form a comedy club.