Rock Band Officially Rocking Wii

Rock Band Officially Rocking Wii

Rock Band developer Harmonix has confirmed what we already knew: Rock Band is coming to Nintendo Wii.

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said during an earnings call in January that Rock Band’s Wii launch is one of the "most interesting pieces" of the Rock Band business.

Now, two months later, Harmonix and parent MTV Games have confirmed that a Wii version is definitely on the way.

Like its Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS2 predecessors which launched in November, the bundled Wii version of the game will include the software, drums, a microphone and a guitar. For Wii, the guitar will be wireless.

The bundled version of Rock Band for Wii will launch in the US and Canada on June 22 for $169.99. Non-bundled, standalone instruments will launch on the same day.

The Wii version will feature 63 songs plus five bonus songs for Wii.