Ruffian Games Officially Announced

Ruffian Games Officially Announced

Scottish developer Ruffian Games has officially formed.

Back in December Edge reported the studio’s all-but-official arrival, as a Flickr slideshow revealed members of the new Ruffian staff – specifically, Gaz Liddon and Billy Thomson – looking for potential office space in Dundee, Scotland.

Today a Ruffian press release reveals that Liddon has been appointed Studio Head, while Thomson has become the outfit’s creative director.

Liddons’ development history and links with nearby studio Realtime Worlds sparked speculation that Ruffian was going to be developing a sequel to Crackdown. Those suggestions were eventually played down by Realtime Worlds, though the developer initially declined to comment when Edge contacted the studio.

Ruffian states in its press release that it has “secured a development contract with a major publisher” while declaring early on in the press release it has a mission “to bring the best in action gaming to current generation consoles.” The developer adds that it will be focusing on online experiences “rivalling any other through co-operative and competitive multiplayer gaming.”

"Creative and talented people are the lifeblood of any studio and I am so excited to be working with the best the industry has to offer," said Liddon. "It simply isn’t possible for any studio to have a better start than this."

Picture courtesy of Kotaku.