Saints Row 2: 2.6m Shipped

Saints Row 2: 2.6m Shipped

THQ revealed on Wednesday the sales performance of some its high profile games.

Volition-developed Saints Row 2, released in October, has sold 2.6 million to date, the firm said.

In addition, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 shipped more than 4 million units to date; de Blob has shipped 700K; and Big Beach Sports has shipped 1.2 million.

CEO Brian Farrell said in a statement, “Established franchises like Saints Row and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw, as well as new franchises such as de Blob and Big Beach Sports for the Nintendo Wii, give us confidence in our strategy going forward."

THQ announced a net loss of $191.8 million for the December quarter, and announced it would be cutting 24 percent of its workforce, or 600 employees.