Saints Row deal “excellent value for money”, says Koch Media boss



Koch Media has called Saints Row “the crown jewel in THQ’s assets” and termed its new acquisition “excellent value for money”.

EA, Take Two and Warner all considered buying Volition, but only two publishers put in formal offers. A Ubisoft bid of $5.4 million was unsuccessful, with Koch eventually buying Volition and the Saints Row property for $23 million. Koch also snapped up the rights to Metro: Last Light for $5.8 million as part of THQ’s bankruptcy sell-off.

Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz told us: “In our opinion – and not only in ours – the Saints Row franchise was the crown jewel in THQ’s assets and one of their most well-known and beloved brands. The studio already has a track record of creating internationally known and revered titles. To sum up, we think this acquisition represents excellent value for money!”

Development continues in earnest on the next Saints Row game, says Kundratitz. “It’s not a secret that the studio is working on the next title in the Saints Row franchise. The development is fairly advanced and our acquisition of Volition will not affect it. Deep Silver will concentrate on the release of this title first and foremost. In doing so we take care of satisfying and hopefully growing the existing fan community.”

“The Saints Row IP perfectly fits into our portfolio strategy – Deep Silver is renowned for publishing unconventional titles, so for us Saints Row was the perfect complement to our existing line-up,” he continued. “The studio has amassed an incredible amount of experience over the years. Honouring that we will respect their creative freedom, while still remaining involved in decision processes.”

Development on Metro: Last Light continues too, added Kundratitz. “We will announce a release date for this title soon. We know some of the developers from 4A Games from their days with GSC Game World when we published S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. The Metro franchise stands for the same deep immersion into a game world and that makes this brand really special and interesting. Again, we think this acquisition was well justified.”

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