Sales and profits down at Capcom

Capcom blamed "sluggish" full-year results on slow sales, vowing to increase profits in the coming year with a focus on "high growth potential online content" including mobile games and DLC.

Net sales revenue for the 12 months ending March 31 came to ¥82 billion (£635.2m), a drop of 16 per cent. Net income, or profit, fell 13.3 per cent to ¥6.7 billion (£52m).

The worst declines were in Capcom's consumer online games division, where revenue fell by almost 24 per cent despite Asura's Wrath, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Street Fighter X Tekken all selling over a million units. Monster Hunter Tri G sold 1.6 million units on 3DS.

Capcom blamed the decline on a lack of major titles compared to last year, when strong sales of console games drove an increase in profits of 257.6 per cent. The decision to delay Dragon's Dogma also played a part.

The publisher's mobile division, however, is on the up. Net sales rose 56.6 per cent year on year to $6.3 billion (£48.8m), with operating income up 74.6 per cent to ¥2.3 billion (£18.5bn). Much of that success came from Japan and Asia, with Snoopy's Street Fair, Smurfs Village, and a pair of Monster Hunter titles all contributing to Capcom's growth in mobile.

Mobile, together with PC online games and downloads for console titles, is a key part of Capcom's plans for the coming year. It expects net sales to rise 28 per cent, to ¥105 billion.