SCEJ boss explains Vita price cut

What Vita means for Sony


Head of SCEJ Hiroshi Kawano has outlined the reasons for the recent Vita price cut in Japan, explaining to Japanese games magazine Famitsu that research conducted by the platform holder suggested that software and price were the Japanese public’s main concerns.

According to Polygon’s translation of the Famitsu article, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano said: “The biggest reason [for the price drop] is that we simply want to have more people playing the PS Vita. Based on our research, there are two broad reasons why people who may want to try the Vita aren’t purchasing it. One, they want to wait until there’s a game they want to play on it. Two, the price is a little out of reach for them.”

Kawano also noted that after a year on sale, the handheld was behind projected sales figures. “Certainly, at the present time, maybe we’re a little behind the numbers we originally pictured. I feel we have a ways to go in terms of getting across the good traits of the PS Vita, along with everything the software has to offer. Also, I want to keep pushing for more games that people want to play, since like our research showed, that’s one thing blocking customers curious about the Vita from making a purchase.”

Sony will be increasingly “on the offensive” in pushing Vita this year, added Kawano. “We have the new price down; now it’s time for software. Just with what’s been announced so far, we’ll have more games coming out this year than last, and they’re being launched on a regular basis throughout the year. I think that’ll make users feel they’re always getting enough, and we’re prepared to push these titles as needed. We’re going to be actively on the offensive in 2013.”