Sci Fi Channel Deal Mixes Games, TV

Sci Fi Channel Deal Mixes Games, TV

Sci Fi Channel Deal Mixes Games, TV

Rising online game firm Trion World Network is partnering with the Sci Fi Channel in a new co-development deal.

Trion, which is currently working towards releasing its first game, told Next-Gen back in 2006 that its approach to gaming is akin to “interactive television.”

Monday’s announced agreement with cable network Sci Fi makes that description even more appropriate.

The partnership will have both companies co-developing an unnamed new franchise that will be an online game published by Trion, as well as a TV show on Sci Fi.

“Trion’s San Diego studio and our platform and publishing groups in Austin and Redwood City will work closely with Sci Fi’s creative team in developing a dynamically evolving, massively social, connected entertainment franchise across multiple formats and platforms of choice,” said Trion CEO Lars Buttler in a statement.

When Trion officially launched in 2006, Buttler told Next-Gen that his comapny would create dynamic games that adopt traits of TV programming.

“[It’s] programming in a TV network sense,” he said at the time. “… In a sense it’s truly interactive television, right? You can sit back, you can see what’s on tonight, you know there is an alien raid [at a set time], but you can participate if you want, and whenever you want.”

In a separate announcement on Monday, Trion also released the initial details about its first game, a fantasy-themed MMORPG that the company will develop and publish itself in North America and Europe.

Development of the game is headed up by Trion chief creative and president Jon Van Caneghem, who is best known for creating the Might & Magic series. In a statement, he said that his persistent game will “live and change along with the players, evolving in response to their actions and the creativity of our design team.”

The unnamed title is under development at Trion’s Redwood City, Calif. studio. No release date has been announced.

Trion also announced a licensing deal with SCEA that gives the game maker rights to develop and publish games on PlayStation 3 in North America.