Scratched 360 Discs Affect “Less than 1%”

Scratched 360 Discs Affect "Less than 1%"

Scratched 360 Discs Affect "Less than 1%"

Following the filing of a class action lawsuit revolving around scratched Xbox 360 discs, Microsoft said Tuesday that only a very small amount of users have experienced the problem.

“While we have had some users contact us with concerns about scratched discs, it is much less than 1 percent of the total Xbox 360 user base," a Microsoft spokesperson told Edge in a statement.

The rep continued, “Xbox 360 is designed so that it will not damage a game disc as long as the console is not moved while the disc is spinning. Too much movement of any game console, not just Xbox 360, can cause scratches on a disc."

A recently unsealed document that’s part of an ongoing lawsuit called the Xbox 360 "defectively designed," alleging that if the console is tilted or swiveled "even slightly" while a game disc is spinning, media will become scratched, rendering a game unplayable.

The document claims that Microsoft knew of the issue before launching the console.

"That’s why we put a warning on the face of the disc tray, which the user has to physically remove before the initial use of the system," the rep added. "We also have warnings posted online and in hard copy instruction manuals.”