Shuhei Yoshida doesn’t just want shooters on PS4 – and that’s why Knack was revealed first


Shuhei Yoshida has told us that he’d hate to see PS4 become home to a slew of shooters and action-adventure titles. Indeed, Sony’s president of worldwide studios revealed that Knack was deliberately chosen as the first PS4 title to be revealed at PlayStation Meeting to show that PS4 will offer a broad range of experiences.

Some questioned why Knack, of all the PS4 titles shown for the first time at PlayStation Meeting, was the first in line. We asked Yoshida whether it was a gesture of gratitude to PS4 system architect Mark Cerny, who is also heading up development on Knack. Yoshida replied: “Yeah, I am very proud that that happened. Some people questioned: ‘the first game to show on PS4 – is it Knack?!’ [laughs]”

“It was pretty intentional,” he continued. “Mark’s idea was like ‘what about [a] Crash Bandicoot for PS4?’ when he suggested the concept of Knack. We were like yeah we hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure or very photorealistic, you know big-budget blockbuster games. And you know people like these games but these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with.”

While we later saw rather more technically impressive titles like Drive Club and Killzone at PlayStation Meeting, Yoshida was keen to emphasise that power is not the only thing PS4 can offer.

“Yeah, so almost the biggest message that we wanted to send in preparing for the event as well as in designing PS4 was…we at Sony and we at Sony Computer Entertainment, it’s just natural for us to enhance the core technology and performance of the hardware, but it’s not the hardware that is the biggest focus.”

“When you look at the five key principles behind designing PS4, none of them are hardware related, actually. It’s all about how people use and experience, enjoy games, realised by the system software features and network functions.”

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