Siggraph 2011 promises record amount of gaming content

Siggraph 2011 promises record amount of gaming content

Siggraph 2011 promises record amount of gaming content

Organisers are promising a “record amount” of game development content at this year’s Siggraph conference, which takes place in Vancouver in August.

Heading the list is a two-part course looking at recent advances in realtime rendering. Among those taking part in the course – which is intended to foster links between the development community and the field of 3D graphics research – are staff from Bungie, EA, Sony, Treyarch, CCP and Avalanche.

A second course, Filtering Approaches for Realtime Anti-Aliasing, will see representatives of AMD, Intel, Double Fine, Nvidia, Crytek and others discuss the various anti-aliasing options that pose alternatives to established methods like MSAA.

The schedule also contains a number of talks targeted at game developers: EA’s Alex Ferrier and DICE’s Christina Coffin will co-host a talk on deferred shading using DICE’s Frostbite Engine; Finnish middleware firm Umbra Software and Remedy Entertainment will explain how occlusion culling was handled in development of Alan Wake. Other talks planned will cover techniques used in From Dust, Killzone 3, Battlefield 3, Eve Online and more.

Siggraph Dailies – in which artists and animators are given one minute to present and describe their work – will feature attacks and boss fights from God Of War III, and NetherRealm Studios’ Jon Greenberg will explain the studio’s work on Mortal Kombat’s wince-inducing X-ray attacks.

Realtime Live, a showcase of state-of-the-art interactive visuals selected by an international panel at the Computer Animation Festival, will look at Kinectimals’ animation system, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s rendering, and Epic Games’ Samaritan demo, which shows off the latest enhancements to Unreal Engine 3.

Siggraph 2011 – with which Edge is a media partner – runs from August 7 to 11 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. For more, click here.