Skyrim contains entirety of Tamriel

When making the fifth game in its Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda didn't just build Skyrim. It built the entire Tamriel landmass, with Oblivion and Morrowind mapped out and accessible with a bit of tinkering.

The discovery was made by Jesse, a 19-year-old blogger from Finland, who ventured to Stendarr's Beacon, the south-eastern corner of Skyrim and the closest part to Morrowind. Following a path, he found an archway, only to find the game wouldn't let him progress any further.

"Why is there a space at all between these mountains if we can't go any further?" he writes. "As you can see there are still trees and foliage beyond this wall, but you aren't able to access it without console commands.

"So, I went into no-clip like the BAMF I am and travelled down this path."

Those trees and foliage continue for a while, but eventually thin out, and textures scale down. Jesse spots Red Mountain in Morrowind's VVardenfell region. "Bethesda has made the landmass for Morrowind," he writes. "Solstheim is there, the mainland is there, VVardenfell is there. It's all there."

So too is Cyrodiil, and the location of Oblivion's Imperial Tower. The question is: why? Perhaps Bethesda has plans for DLC, or to open up the world to the modding community. Jesse took plenty of screenshots on his journey; for more, follow the source link below.