Skyrim getting Kinect support

Xbox 360 players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will soon be able to control the game using voice commands using the Kinect sensor, Bethesda has confirmed.

Due in a patch later this month, Kinect support will mean players can use voice commands for dragon shouts, hotkey equipping, giving instructions to followers, and navigating all of the game's menus.

There's quick access to, and control of, the game's map, as well as voice-activated quicksaves and loads. Item trading is also greatly streamlined, with players able to sort items by weight and value.

It doesn't sound great, admittedly, but after an embarrassing start the below video sells Skyrim's Kinect functionality rather well. No firm release date was set, but Bethesda promises a full list of available voice commands later this month.

The company also promises that its plans for Skyrim DLC – the first of which will be exclusive to Xbox 360 – will be announced soon.