Slavery: The Game is a hoax

Slavery: The Game is a hoax

Microsoft, Sony, Sega and The Creative Assembly have all denied knowledge of the existence of Slavery: The Game.

Late last week a website was set up to promote the game, which it claimed was to be released in spring 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Inviting players to "go back to the 17th century when Europe ruled the world, buy slaves, discipline them, exploit them," it positively reeked of hoax. Nonetheless, Facebook groups were set up encouraging people to boycott the game, and calling for it to be banned.

One YouTube video claimed Slavery: The Game was the work of Total War developer The Creative Assembly, but a spokesperson at parent company Sega told us: "The Creative Assembly and Sega have no knowledge of, and are not in any way involved with this title."

Sony, too, has confirmed: "We are not aware of the existence of this game and therefore have no intention of making it available on any of our platforms." Microsoft has also told us it has no knowledge of the game.

All of which confirms the view that this is most likely a play for attention from a pressure group. Animal rights group Peta has form in this regard with Super Tofu Boy and Cooking Mama spoof Mama Kills, though this hardly fits in with their mission statement.

Either way, we can't imagine Microsoft and Sony are best pleased at the sight of their logos at the end of the trailer, even if it is intended to raise awareness for a noble cause.