Slow Start For Google Chrome Web Store

Slow Start For Google Chrome Web Store

Slow Start For Google Chrome Web Store

Top Paid app on recently-launched software marketplace has seen just 75 downloads since last month.

Google’s Chrome Web Store, the App Store equivalent that runs within its Chrome web browser, has got off to a slow start.

Announced last May and finally launched in December, the Chrome Web Store runs on HTML5 and features a mix of paid-for, free and in-app purchase software. Google Checkout simplifies the purchase process and the service launched with over 200 games.

Like the iOS App Store, the Web Store contains a Top Paid section showing the most popular paid apps on the service, and the results do not make for good reading. Heading the list is children’s music game Toddler Jukebox, available for $1.99. At the time of writing it has just 75 users, with only 6 copies being installed so far this week.

Google’s fee on a $1.99 purchase would be $0.39, meaning Toddler Jukebox has made its developers just $120 since the Web Store launched on December 7, and just $9.60 this week.

As TechCrunch points out, Google has done little to promote the service since it launched. The most recent stable release of Chrome makes no mention of the Web Store anywhere – users have to find and install it themselves. There’s also no way to distinguish between bookmarklets and full-fledged apps until you install them.

While Google no doubt expects the service to improve over time as awareness increases and it rolls out worldwide – it is only available in the US at present – there’s no avoiding the fact that this has been a disappointing start for a service that launched to such fanfare last month, and one that may serve to put off potential developers from adding to the store’s content.