Snail Games Opens US HQ

Snail Games Opens US HQ

Chinese MMOG developer Snail Games has announced its opening new US-based offices in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles.

The new office will serve as the regional headquarters for Snail Games in the US and Latin America, and follows the opening of another office in Moscow. The new LA headquarters will be headed by US CEO Scott Miller.

 “With the rapidly growing number of Snail Games customers in the North American and Latin American markets, Snail Games is making a major commitment to support and service our gamers in this region,” said Miller.  “Our offices in Los Angeles will provide an efficient and convenient base of operations for us and our partners in the Americas.”

“We have a full pipeline of games set to launch in 2010-11, and Snail Games USA is going to deliver a number of best-in-class MMOG titles to the North American and Latin American markets. Our browser-based MMOGs, in particular, have become the industry standard for graphics excellence and strategic gameplay.”