SNK: ‘PS2 is Good Enough’ For Now

SNK: 'PS2 is Good Enough' For Now

SNK: 'PS2 is Good Enough' For Now

In a new interview with gaming blog Kotaku, SNK Playmore’s overseas marketing manager said his company won’t be releasing a PS3 game for around three years.

Yoshihito Koyama cited the high risk of developing for Sony’s new platform.

"My first impression is that [PS3] is expensive,” he stated. The PlayStation 2 is good enough. It’s small and cheap. For us, for manufacturers, we have to invest in a new system, and the PlayStation 3 is a risk.

“There won’t be enough consoles at launch. Few consoles mean few software sales. We need to wait three or four years. Maybe 2009-2010 is a good time to release a game for the PS3."

Koyama’s sentiments aren’t unique. Other Japan-based publishers such as Atlus have said that they aren’t keen to jumping on the next-gen bandwagon for at least a couple more years, as the installed base for the PS2 is too tempting to ignore. These publishers, small in relation to the likes of companies such as EA, opt to have the publishing giants blaze the trail and shoulder the risk as more next-gen consoles are taken into homes.

This isn’t to say that SNK is tossing next-gen development altogether at this point. At TGS 2005, it was revealed that King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 3, the 3D version of its popular fighting game series, would be making its way to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

In addition, SNK Playmore plans to release Metal Slug Anthology for the Nintendo Wii’s launch, reaffirming the relatively low cost of entry for development on that console.

While Koyama pointed out the exorbitant price of the PS3, his employer was responsible for one of the most famously expensive consoles, the Neo-Geo AES, which went for around $600 in 1990.