Sonic Spinning to PSP

Sonic Spinning to PSP

Sega continues its "Road to E3" with the announcement of Sonic Rivals for the PSP.

The game, which will be presented in 3D with 2D gameplay, borrows from Sonic 2′s two-player split screen mode, as the emphasis on the PSP version will be on "racing platforming". While racing rivalry is the key to Sonic Rivals, Sega says that the game will have "high-spirited single player" action. Although you’ll be able to choose from four different Sonic-universe characters, multiplayer will limited to one-on-one.

Players will have at their disposal the ability to use a variety of moves to get ahead, including boosts and power-ups. Trading card collection will be the basis for character customization.

The game is expected to release this fall, and is being developed by Backbone Entertainment.