Sony: 3DS sales good news for Vita


SCEI president Andrew House believes that the strong performance of 3DS is good news for PlayStation Vita, because it proves a market still exists for dedicated gaming handhelds despite the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, House – appointed president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment International last September – implied that 3DS had succeeded because it was on shelves first.

He said: "Normally we don't really reference the competition a lot when we talk about the PlayStation business, but in this case it's perhaps a little salutary that sales of the 3DS, having the advantage of releasing a little bit ahead of us, have been exceedingly good.

"I think that shows that there is, in general, a lot of demand for a 'gaming-primary' device, which is how I would describe Vita, but our device in contrast has just so much more to offer.

"What I think we've done is point to a market that really has started out with potentially casual games on other devices but now wants a deeper, or better, or more premier gaming experience."

Elsewhere in the interview, House appears confident that Vita's downward Japanese sales curve will not be repeated when the device launches in the west. As we reported yesterday, Vita sold less than 20,000 in Japan last week and, four weeks after launch, is almost 300,000 units behind 3DS's total after the same period.

"With all due respect to the Japanese consumer," he said, "I think there is an even more stunning lineup of games that will have a direct impact on success in the US and European markets."

Vita launches in the US, Europe and Australia on February 22. For the full interview, follow the source link below.