Sony Announces US PSP Go Price Cut

Sony Announces US PSP Go Price Cut

Sony Announces US PSP Go Price Cut

Sony Computer Entertainment America has cut the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the PSP go by $50 to $149.99, a drop of 25 per cent.

It’s the second territory-specific price cut in a week, after the platform holder shaved $40 of the cost of the older PSP-3000 model on Sunday,

“Now you can enjoy the sleek, totally-digital PSP go system for $149.99 and the unsurpassed PSP-3000 system for $129.99,” the firm said.

Last September, less than a year after the PSP go launched, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai acknowledged that pricing of the system was “perhaps an issue”. One month later the company cut the portable’s price in Japan and the US, where it had previously sold for $250.

It remains to be seen whether Sony’s Japanese and European arms will introduce price cuts in line with the US. Asked over the weekend if we could expect similar deals to hit PAL territories, an SCEE spokesperson told CVG that it has "exciting plans" for PSP in Europe this year – but stopped short of confirming a price drop for the region.

The PSP go – billed by SCEE president Andrew House as something of an experiment to test consumer appetite for digital-only hardware – is widely believed to have underperformed globally since release. Even in Japan, where sales of the PSP platform are most robust, PSP-3000 handsomely outsells its successor on a weekly basis.

With the imminent launch of the 3DS in the West, and the arrival of the PSP successor NGP scheduled for later this year, it seems now may be a good time for Sony to step up its efforts to clear its PSP go inventory.