Sony Concerned About PS3 Move Shovelware

Sony Concerned About PS3 Move Shovelware

Sony says it doesn’t want to flood the market with minigame collections for PS3 Move, although it admits the release of shovelware utilising the new motion controller is a concern.

“It’s obviously a concern,” Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde told Joystiq. “But, we’ve taken advantage of the fact that it is a PS3. Sports Champions, for example, has been in development for a while. We’re not announcing it yet, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scope that’s offered in that title. These are not just one-off, ‘hey, play table tennis for fun.’ There’s an overall objective that crosses over all the different events in that title, and there’s a lot of long-term play value in there."

The exec also said that development of motion control enabled titles won’t negatively impact internal resources dedicated to creating traditional titles for core gamers.

“The bottom line is, you know Worldwide Studios is a huge organization. I’m not sure exactly where it sits among other global publishers, but it’s right up there… There’s plenty of resources to go around. It’s our heritage: we’re never going to compromise our core; great exclusive games. This is a new initiative to us. Some teams are looking into how they might incorporate motion control into some existing plans; others are totally focused on making the best sequels to the games we all love. It’s not something I’m worried about.”

SCEA boss Jack Tretton said earlier this week that Move will “bridge the gap” between core and casual gamers. Set to launch this autumn. 36 third party developers have signed on to support the motion control system, while Sony plans to release 20 first party titles for the platform during fiscal 2010.