Sony confirms AT&T decision prompted new PSN terms

Speaking to CNN, a Sony spokesperson has confirmed that the revision of its PSN terms of service to forbid class-action lawsuits was prompted by a US Supreme Court decision from earlier this year.

The highest level of the US legal system had ruled that AT&T was entitled to block disgruntled customers from binding together to bring class-action lawsuits, reversing the rulings of lower-level courts which had described the measure as "unconscionable."

"The Supreme Court recently ruled in the AT&T case that language like this is enforcable," the spokesperson said. "The updated language in the terms of service is designed to benefit both the consumer and the company by ensuring that there is adequate time and procedure to resolve disputes."

While PSN users are able to opt out of the clause in writing within 14 days of accepting the terms, the vast majority are unlikely to be aware it exists. CNN notes that it takes 45 seconds just to scroll through the terms of service to the part that describes the legal waiver.