Sony Controller Dubbed ‘Sixaxis’

Sony Controller Dubbed 'Sixaxis'

Sony Controller Dubbed 'Sixaxis'

Sony Computer Entertainment International has officially revealed the name of the PlayStation 3 controller as “Sixaxis”; Japanese PS3 peripheral pricing and PSP bundles also announced.

It wouldn’t make much sense anymore to call a PlayStation controller a DualShock, as the rumble features have been dropped. The new controller name refers to the oft-touted “six degrees of freedom” that is offered by the PS3’s tilt-enabled controller.

The wireless controller features a USB port for optional wired play, Bluetooth capabilities and will sell in Japan for 5,000 yen ($42) beginning at the PS3 launch on November 11.

Sony will also sell a memory card adapter used to upload data from PS or PS2 memory cards to the PS3 hard drive. That peripheral will go for 1500 yen ($13) and will be available at launch as well.

A Blu-ray/DVD movie controller will also be in the accessory mix, selling for 3600 yen ($31).

PSP bonus packs

While US consumers can now purchase their own PSP bundle, Japan will be getting its own as well.

Beginning October 19, Japanese consumers can buy the PSP Bonus Pack, which includes the PSP hardware in black or white, a 1GB Memory Stick Duo, a sleeve for storage, a USB cable and a stand. The bundle will sell for an “open price,” meaning retailers can set the price tag at their own discretion.

The Japanese bundle doesn’t include quite as many pack-ins as the US bundle, which includes the system, ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin’ Trails, UMD movie Lords of Dogtown and a 1GB memory stick for $249.

Sony intends for the new bundle to help the PSP become a more viable handheld option for Japanese consumers over the holidays. The PSP hardware and software has faced stiff competition in Japan, whose videogame charts are often populated with several Nintendo DS titles on a regular basis.