Sony: Dev Input Key To New PlayStation Hardware

Sony: Dev Input Key To New PlayStation Hardware

SCE is hard at work on “future platform related activities”, and Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has said that first-party game makes will play an important role in the development of new PlayStation consoles.

“When Ken Kutaragi moved on and Kaz Harai became the president of SCE, the first thing Kaz said was, ‘get World Wide Studios in on hardware development’,” the executive told Develop.

“So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us [developers].”

Yoshida apparently told the site that Sony has learnt from past mistakes, having launched a console in PS3 that numerous developers found challenging to work with.

Sony’s appears to have changed its tune, then, as last year Hirai reportedly told Official PlayStation Magazine: "We don’t provide the ‘easy to program for’ console that (developers) want, because ‘easy to program for’ means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years? So it’s a kind of – I wouldn’t say a double-edged sword – but it’s hard to program for, and a lot of people see the negatives of it, but if you flip that around, it means the hardware has a lot more to offer."